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Ruijie RG-S6120-20XS4VS2QXS 10G Switches Dubai

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The Ruijie RG-S6120-20XS4VS2QXS 10G Switches Dubai are the perfect solution for those looking for a powerful, reliable, and secure networking solution. These switches are ideal for medium to large-scale networks, as they offer an impressive 20 x 10G ports with 4 x 10G SFP+ uplinks. The switches also come with two QSFP+ ports to ensure high-speed connections and maximum flexibility. The switches provide a comprehensive suite of features and security protocols, including advanced routing and switching technology, Layer 3 switching, and Layer 2 isolation. This allows for secure, reliable, and efficient data transmission over long distances. Additionally, the switches come with an advanced Layer 2+ feature set, which includes 802.1X authentication, advanced QoS, and access control lists. With these features, administrators can easily manage and secure their networks from malicious attacks and unauthorized access. The switches also offer a variety of management features, such as SNMPv3, IPv6, and SSH. This makes it easy for administrators to remotely access and configure the switches. Furthermore, the switches are designed with a robust and reliable hardware platform, which ensures optimal performance and reliability. With these features, the Ruijie RG-S6120-20XS4VS2QXS 10G Switches Dubai are the ideal solution for those looking to build their own secure, reliable, and high-performance network.

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The Ruijie RG-S6120-20XS4VS2QXS 10G Switches Dubai is a powerful and reliable networking solution for your business. This switch offers 10G switching with four 10G SFP+ slots and two 10G QSFP+ slots, as well as 20 10/100/1000BASE-T ports for your convenience.

The Ruijie RG-S6120-20XS4VS2QXS 10G Switches four 10G SFP+ slots support up to 4x10G, while the two 10G QSFP+ slots support up to 2x40G. The switch also offers extensive Layer 2 features such as link aggregation, VLANs, Spanning Tree Protocol, and Quality of Service.

Additionally, the Ruijie RG-S6120-20XS4VS2QXS 10G Switches Dubai features high-efficiency power consumption and low latency. With support for IPv4/IPv6 dual stack, the switch can easily integrate into an IPv6-based network environment.

The Ruijie RG-S6120-20XS4VS2QXS 10G Switches provides powerful switching capabilities for your business and ensures reliable and secure connections for your devices.

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Key Features of the Ruijie RG-S6120-20XS4VS2QXS 10G Switches Dubai

• Supports 10G uplink and access ports
• High-performance switching capabilities
• Easy-to-use web-based management interface
• Comprehensive security features
• Supports Layer 2/3/4 Ethernet switching

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