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Fanvil i12 SIP Audio Intercom Dubai

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The Fanvil i12 SIP Audio Intercom Dubai is the perfect solution for any business that is looking for a reliable and cost effective intercom system. This intercom system is capable of supporting up to 12 SIP accounts, allowing you to easily communicate with multiple users at once. The i12 features a sleek and modern design, and includes a 2.8-inch color LCD screen with adjustable brightness, which allows for easy navigation of menus and features. The audio quality is excellent, providing clear sound for both incoming and outgoing calls. Plus, the Fanvil i12 SIP Audio Intercom Dubai offers a range of features, such as call forwarding, do not disturb mode, and 3-way conference calls, making it an ideal choice for businesses of all sizes. Additionally, this intercom system can be linked to your existing VoIP system, allowing you to make and receive calls directly from the intercom. The Fanvil i12 is easy to install and is designed to be durable and reliable, ensuring you get a long-lasting intercom system that you can rely on.

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The Fanvil i12 SIP Audio Intercom Dubai is an essential communication tool for your business. This intercom allows you to stay connected to your colleagues or customers with crystal-clear sound quality and advanced features.

This Fanvil i12 SIP Audio Intercom system is equipped with a SIP protocol for reliable and secure communication. It features two-way audio communication with a high-fidelity microphone and speaker that allows for crystal-clear sound. The Fanvil i12 is also equipped with a 3.5mm audio jack for connecting an optional external speaker or headset.

The Fanvil i12 SIP Audio Intercom Dubai also includes a keypad with backlit buttons for easy operation in low-light conditions. The unit is powered by PoE (Power over Ethernet), making it ideal for installation in any environment.

Additionally, the Fanvil i12 SIP Audio Intercom is designed with a rugged and durable construction, making it perfect for use in a variety of commercial and industrial settings. With its advanced features and reliable communication, the Fanvil i12 SIP Audio Intercom is the perfect choice for keeping your business connected.

Key Features of the Fanvil i12 SIP Audio Intercom Dubai

• Easy to install and use.
• Supports SIP protocol for audio and video calls.
• Features a built-in speakerphone.
• Has an integrated access control system.
• Features a 2.4 inch TFT color display.

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