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APC SMC1500IC 1500VA Smart UPS Dubai

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The APC SMC1500IC 1500VA Smart UPS Dubai is the perfect power solution for any home or business. This UPS features an impressive 1500VA of power capacity and 10 outlets including outlets for battery backup, surge protection, and power conditioning.With APC SMC1500IC 1500VA Smart UPS Dubai's advanced outlet configuration, you can easily manage and protect your devices from power surges and outages. The APC SMC1500IC 1500VA Smart UPS Dubai also features an LCD display which provides useful information about the UPS, such as input and output voltage, load capacity, battery capacity, and other essential information. Additionally, it has Automatic Voltage Regulation (AVR) which helps to maintain a consistent output voltage even during power fluctuations. The UPS also has an audible alarm which will alert you when there is a power outage or when the battery is low. The SMC1500IC 1500VA Smart UPS is a reliable and cost-effective power solution that can help to keep your home or business running smoothly and safely.

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Introducing the APC SMC1500IC 1500VA Smart UPS Dubai. This powerful, reliable UPS is the perfect solution for all your important electronic needs. Its features include an LCD Status Display, a sophisticated power-management software, an Intelligent Battery Management System, an automatic voltage regulation, and a Cold Start function.

The LCD Status Display allows you to monitor your UPS’s performance in real-time, displaying information such as the remaining runtime, battery capacity, load levels, and more. The power-management software provides you with the ability to modify your UPS’s settings and view its performance history.

With the Intelligent Battery Management System, you can customize your UPS’s charging parameters, controlling the charge rate, discharge rate, and maximum allowable battery temperature. The automatic voltage regulation ensures that your UPS’s output is always adjusted for the best performance. Finally, the Cold Start function allows you to start the UPS even when there is no AC power available.

The APC SMC1500IC 1500VA Smart UPS Dubai is the ideal choice for your home or office. Its features provide you with reliable and efficient power protection, ensuring that your electronic devices are always safe and performing optimally. With its intuitive design and easy-to-use software, you can rest assured that your UPS will always be running smoothly. So don’t wait – get the APC SMC1500IC 1500VA Smart UPS today and enjoy peace of mind.

Key Features of the APC SMC1500IC 1500VA Smart UPS Dubai

• 1500VA / 900W Smart UPS
• Line interactive topology
• 8 outlets (4 battery backup and surge protection, 4 surge protection only)
• Automatic Voltage Regulation (AVR)
• LCD screen for easy monitoring of UPS system status

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